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"I bought a few of them for my drinking buddies. Cant wait to see there reaction when they open it at Friendsgiving this year." Sam , TX


Bierbro Beer Bong Snorkel - Stretches to Fit Cans, Seltzers, Bottles, Mugs, and Red Solo Cups

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Fits over practically anything  


Bierbro is the extremely versatile device that fits on almost any container. Whether you are drinking from a cup, bottle, glass, can, or milk jug, the Bierbro can attach to it.
The Bierbro can stretch over the mouth of any container and allow the perfect amount of air to flow into the bottom, to empty it in seconds. Lots of time went into the making of the air valve design. 
The Bierbro is made from high quality silicone to make it very flexible to fit into everyone's pocket. Bring your Bierbro anywhere like concerts, sporting events, bars, tailgates and more! Simply pull it out of your pocket and make anything a beer bong.
The Bierbro is the perfect sidekick to your Bierstick.

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