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Bierstick Bowl Tapered One Hitter - Gravity Bong Syringe ADD-ON

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Turn your Bierstick into the most insane Gravity Bong Syringe with this silicone bong attachment.  This device allows you to chug beer and smoke herb at the same time.  Now you can get the best of both worlds.

Silicone Bowl ONLY (does not include mouthpiece or Bierstick)

Step 1: Pour your favorite beverage into the Bierstick
Step 2: Push out all excess air
Step 3: Place on the Bierstick Bowl
Step 4: Ignite your herb and pull back the syringe slowly filling the tube with smoke.
Step 5: Take off the one hitter and enjoy

- Unbreakable silicone with glass insert.
- Fits perfectly in the Bierstick mouthpiece

- This bowl is dishwasher safe