The New Way to Beer Bong

The Bierstick is instant happiness in your belly like world peace is for the globe. This ingenious drinking device allows you to down your beer in a matter of seconds, instantly giving you a great party starter.

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Most Versatile Beer Bong Known to Man.

The Bierbro can stretch over the mouth of any container and allow the perfect amount of air to flow into the bottom, to empty it in seconds. 

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  • Party Necessity

    "Honestly, makes every party that much better."

    JP. Scott

  • So FUN!!!

    I bought 3 Beirsticks! We used it for a girls weekend and had a blast. We are in our 30’s and enjoyed the quick buzz. We used spiked seltzer. 2 thumbs up!
    Rachel D.

  • Best thing I have bought in years.

    Used this for a bachelor party. Much easier than a beer bong. Wish I would have had a 2nd one.

    Rickey B.

  • Best thing I have bought in years.

    This Bierstick came in a day early, which was dope because that is one extra day of shooting beers down my neck. My pregaming now consists of biersticking two twisted teas before I even arrive at the pregame. Major head start.


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