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"I bought a few of them for my drinking buddies. Cant wait to see there reaction when they open it at Friendsgiving this year." Sam , TX


Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe

Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe

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(The Bierstick comes with o-rings and mouthpiece)

We strive to make your night one to remember…or not remember.  This newly designed beer bong will help you chug up to 24oz of beer in 2 seconds.  Forget shotgunning and beer funnels, this beer syringe will make you the life of the party.

The Bierstick is instant happiness in your belly like world peace is for the globe. This ingenious drinking device allows you to down your beer in a matter of seconds, instantly giving you a great party starter.

Acting like a giant syringe, only without the pain in your arm and the hatred for your doctor, the Bierstick is so easy to use you’ll amaze your friends with your drinking abilities. Just take off the mouthpiece, pour in the beer and press the opposite end against the closest stationary object. Watch people’s faces fill with awe as they see you down a pint of beer in as little as 2 seconds!

Many people ask the question, “How do I open my throat to chug a beer?” This all comes down to relaxing your throat and a bunch of other mumbo jumbo that you will never need to know again. So long beer bong and hello Bierstick! The Bierstick will take care of all of those problems for you.

The Bierstick is crafted from high-quality materials. Its durable, compact design makes it very discreet — small enough to fit in a backpack. The friction-fit mouthpiece allows for easy filling and cleaning, leaving zero mess. If you think you can drink, you haven’t seen anything yet!

  • Faster than a beer bong
  • Crafted from High-quality materials
  • Fits in a backpack
  • Easy to clean

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