Internship Rep

Bierstick Internship

Bierstick is looking for self-motivated individuals for the Entry Level Product Representative Internship. This internship rewards individuals who strive for excellence and seek a rewarding experience. The Entry Level Product Representative Intern position will directly impact the sales and promotion of the Bierstick.

An Entry Level Product Representative Intern’s main responsibilities will include:

  • Interacting with potential customers
  • Direct/Indirect Sales
  • Promotion of Bierstick
  • Improving Bierstick’s Social Media Presence
  • Web Design (Only for those who are seeking this type of career path)

Requirements: No experience needed.

Ideal Candidate:

  • People who are self-motivated.
  • People who are personable and can network.
  • Knowledge and/or background in business, sales, marketing/advertising, social media, and web design is a plus.

To contact us regarding this position please send an email to

  • Attach Resume
  • Attach a brief summary of why you would be a good fit