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Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe

NOMESS – NO FOAM (Bierstick Includes mouthpiece and O-rings) We strive to make your night one to remember…or not remember.  This newly designed beer bong will help you chug up...

On Sale $24.95
Regular Price:$32.99

Bierbro Beer Bong Snorkel - Stretches to Fit Cans, Seltzers, Bottles, Mugs, and Red Solo Cups

  Bierbro is the extremely versatile device that fits on almost any container. Whether you are drinking from a cup, bottle, glass, can, or milk jug, the Bierbro can attach...

On Sale $17.99
Regular Price:$24.95

Bierstick Ultimate Package Deal

If you want to rep the brand this is the perfect package for you. This will allow you to have two Biersticks so you can race on those Beer Olympic...

On Sale $78.98
Regular Price:$114.99

Bierstick Mouthpiece

Sick and tired of using the same mouthpiece every time you share the Bierstick with someone else? Get an extra one!  Need it quick? Now Available on Amazon Prime  



Your Bierstick Beer bong will need new O-rings after continuous use party after party.  To get your Bierstick back in tip top shape grab a hold of a few of...



Fingers is a fast-paced drinking game which needs no skills other than the ability to count. The Fingaz Bowl puts an end to using a random bowl or cup you...

On Sale $19.99
Regular Price:$24.99

Bierstick Anchor Dice Beer Die (4 Pack)

We're proud to announce we have partnered up with Anchor Dice to bring the Bierstick Anchor Dice four pack! These dice are for those who know and love the ultimate drinking...


The Malibu - Kanga Cooler

Ever driven down Ventura Boulevard on a hot summer day? Neither have we but we would like to think that we would have this bad boy close by. The magnetic...


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